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BOOKS : Sheila has written two books about the healing work we do with the gongs. Here are details of them. Both books are available to buy on the Online Shop page, where you will also find testimonials in the left hand column.

SOUND HEALING WITH GONGS - a Gong Book for Beginners

Sound Healing with Gongs is one of the first books of its kind about gongs & their use for therapeutic work. Since Sheila wrote it in 2010, it has become a classic reference book for anyone wanting to start learning to play the gong. The 167-page book has been written in plain simple language for anyone to understand. It includes a colour photo section, & fun quirky illustrations by talented young artist Emma Pattihis. It covers many topics including : Using Gongs for Sound Healing, the Origins of the Gong, How the Gong is made, the Sound of the Gong, the Gong as a Tool for Relaxation & Relief of Stress, The Gongbath, Techniques for Playing, Harmonics & the Golden Mean, & The Gongmaster.

IN THE HEART OF THE GONG SPACE - the Gong as a Spiritual Tool. 

(The Kindle Digital version is also available from Amazon).
This is Sheila's second book, published in October 2012. In this book Sheila draws on her many years of experience as a musician, teacher, sound healer, gongmaster and spiritual seeker, to give us further insights into the healing world of the gong – the ultimate sound healing instrument. This book goes much more deeply into the work with the gong & is intended for intermediate gong players, for other energy healers, and for those with an interest in spirituality. In this book the spiritual aspects of the gong’s power are explained more fully, illustrated with fascinating insights into the author’s own personal experiences with this remarkable instrument. The gong is essentially a tool for the raising of consciousness, and this is discussed fully in the book.

The book, some 372 pages, is divided into two sections : Section 1 is devoted mainly to the practical aspects of working with the gong in therapy situations. Section 2 focuses largely on spiritual growth, with the gong as the central theme. The spiritual aspect is a crucial part of our healing work with the gong. This includes our own healing, as well as that of our clients, students, and all those with whom we work.

GONG CD's - "Transcendence", "Sounds of Stillness", and "Quantum Transformations"

N.B. HALF PRICE SALE ON GONG CD's while Corona Virus situation continues.. Gong sounds to help with stress relief and relaxation. CD's usually £12.. NOW £5 INCLUDING UK POSTAGE

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An essence is a liquid that has a particular vibrational frequency imprinted within it. It can therefore impart that energy vibration to the person who takes the essence. Healing Sound Gong Essences are essences with the sound vibrations of certain very high quality gongs imprinted into them. Each Gong Essence contains the vibrational frequency of one particular gong. Human beings are composed of around 70% water, and as essences are made primarily from water, taking an essence is an ideal way to transmit the healing power of that gong to a person, if they are unable to be physically present with the gong.

Healing Sound Gong Essences are, to our knowledge, the first Gong Essences to be produced worldwide. They are made from Dartmoor spring water with a very tiny amount of alcohol added as a preservative. They are made ceremonially in an environment that is both physically and energetically clean, clear and light. Making them is a sacred process involving prayer and meditation. The loving and focused intention in making them is to transmit the healing power of the gong sounds into the essence. They are therefore very pure, and are powerful tools for personal growth and self development. They enable healing on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual – in a similar way to the actual gong sounds. In particular they work on our subtle energy field and Chakra system : clearing blocks, creating flow, and rebalancing our being energetically, thus addressing any issues at a causal level before they arrive in the physical.

Gong Essences can be used by those needing the frequency of one particular gong at this time on their life journey. They also have a practical purpose, in that they can be tried by anyone considering buying, for instance, a certain Planet gong, to see what effect it is likely to have on them, before they commit to purchasing that gong.
The Gong Essence is taken orally – a few drops on the tongue when needed. Avoid taking within 30 minutes of eating, drinking or teeth-cleaning. Not to be used when driving or operating machinery!

Gong Essences currently available :-
60" WM Universal Gong
38" Symphonic Heart Gong
24" WM Encouragement Gong
32" Mercury Throat Chakra Gong
34" Symphonic Harmony Gong
40" Om Gong - Excavation & Release
38" Sedna Gong - Purification
SC & Planet Earth Gongs - Earthing

More information about each essence and the gongs used in making them can be found on the Online Shop page.
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Silver has been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years. It only dropped out of favour in the 1920's and 30's when pharmaceutical drugs were introduced and took over from our many ancient natural healing methods.

Sheila sells her own brand of Healing Sound Colloidal Silver at workshops and events, but not by mail order, as these larger glass bottles are too vulnerable to be sent in the post.

Email Sheila on the Contact page for a Colloidal Silver information flyer giving lots more detail about CS and it's therapeutic uses. We are unable to publish suggested uses on the website due to current legislation.

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